welcome to my house

welcome to my house! as of the time i am writing this it is currently 11:31 pm on thursday, august 5th, 2021. this used to be a site intended for an arg that i abandoned with some of my old friends that i fell out of touch with and im kind of embarrassed about how many views it apparently (according to the stats, anyways) got... anyways, im thinking of making this a sort of personal website of mine for fun? i dont know. well see, i guess... as expected, everything is sort of a wip in here. so. uh. yeah.

i plan to try to update this site regularly! both as a personal art project of mine to try to improve my coding, but also just for fun. ive always admired neocities for the sort of artform that goes into it, i think its really inspiring and i want to try my hand at that sometime soon.

here are some pages i have planned